" Some days I wish I didn’t love ceramics so much. Maybe I wouldn’t be so dirty all the time. "

Established in Limoilou (Québec) where she operates from her tiny home studio, Marie-Hélène Fleury has been working with clay for over 25 years. Focusing her efforts in spontaneous throwing motions, she naturally finds comfort in gas firing for her porcelain ware.

Leaning on the material’s natural strength, her ease of movement produces bowls with unusual curves and lips, cups with unexpected grooves and folds to rest your fingers in. At times delicately out of line, and at others strongly asymmetrical, none of her pieces nonetheless seems out of balance. Their irregular shapes and intriguing profiles are always met by the dynamic work of her glazes. Celadon as light as melting streams, copper reds riper than cherries yet softer than peach skin, shinos like ghastly shadows and burning coals… there’s always a different angle to hold and look at things.

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