"Making ceramics have always seen obvious to me. It’s my foundation, my safety; it is what allows me to be. Some say it’s a passion, but really, it’s much more than this. It’s my everyday life."

Manon Clouzeau started very young with ceramics. At age 10, already, she was sculpting little clay figurines at her local studio and, at 13, she made her first apprenticeship with Brigitte Larcher in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. In 2013, two years after her ceramics studies and into her budding career, she buys Brigitte Larcher’s home studio and moves to Aubeterre-sur-Dronne where she currently lives and works.

Specialized in the making of bowls, Manon Clouzeau developed a rare affinity for this form, revealing the extent of her dedicated attention. Blessed with acute sensitivity and focus, she provokes playful variations in each and every piece to find unique points of balance between moments, gestures and emotions. Held in hands, her bowls can only bring wonder.

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