“Of course, you have more losses with wood firing. There’s quite a few pieces buried behind the kiln. But it’s all worth it”

Newly established in Frelighsburg, Quebec, Daniel Gingras is back in production after a two years hiatus which saw him work on building his new Anagama Kiln. The first firing of this kiln happened in the Fall of 2020, an exciting moment even for a man who spent most of his life doing just that. The set up might be new, but the potter himself isn’t, and with over 42 years of experience, Daniel is more than practiced at his craft.

Specializing in shino glazes with burning colors and engaging textures, his pots always welcome the unpredictable dances of flames. No doubt that his lifelong journey with clay has brought him to a rare level of skill where the most beautiful accidents always seem to be purposefully provoked, breathing extraordinary life in every pot.

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