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set of 4 Japanese green tea leaves
set of 4 Japanese green tea brew
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Set of 4 - Japanese tea

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A set of 4 Japanese green teas from various styles, regions and cultivars across Japan, each one with a distinctive flavour profile.



Kamairicha from Ureshino, Yabukita cultivar

Kamairicha stands out as the only Japanese green tea that doesn’t use steam as a source of heat to prevent oxidation. Instead, it uses big iron pans to fire the leaves “à la Chinoise”, giving them a very mellow taste with low astringency.



Tamaryokucha from Ureshino, Saemidori cultivar

Tamaryokucha has less sharpness and clarity than sencha, but a richer and rounder profile overall. Expect a buttery cup with rich marine notes and green veggies to boot. 



Sencha fukamushi from Kagoshima, CA278 cultivar

Can’t describe this sencha without mentioning first the uncommon CA278 it is made of because CA278 is still new and not widely grown, and because it’s also one of the most intensely fragrant cultivars I’ve ever encountered.



Hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar.

Its cultivar, the Yume-Wakaba, is not so popular even in Sayama, its region of origin. Yet, when lightly steamed, it boasts delicate fruity aromas (apricots, clementine) that give great depth to its fresh green taste.


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